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Preparatory School

Starting school can be a huge step for any

child. Wearing a new uniform, understanding

boundaries, responding to stimuli are all

part of the educational process.

The appetite for learning is voracious at

this age – as is the need for understanding

young boys and steering them in the right

direction. The concept of nurturing becomes

all-important and in the Preparatory

School we pride ourselves in building solid

foundations for life long learning.

The IB Primary Years Program (PYP) guides

the teaching and learning from Reception

to Year 6.

Our classes in the early years are structured so

that individual needs are easily met. Specialists

in Art, Music, Physical Education, French,

Chinese, a modern Library and Technology

Studies broaden and enrich boys’ skills.

In addition, comprehensive Before and

After School Hours Care and Vacation

Programs are offered for students.

Middle School

In the middle years, boys become young

men and start expanding their own

boundaries. We take their education

further, developing their understanding

of who and what they can become in life.

Our approach to teaching and learning

transcends the focus of traditional school

subjects and focuses on a more holistic

view of knowledge. Students literally think

beyond their school experience through

independent study and thinking to achieve

their personal best and individual success.

Through years 7-9 we offer the IB Middle

Years Program (MYP) designed to suit

adolescent boys. We take boys out of the

classroom for eduKart, eduCook and the

Wambana Extended Stay Program to

introduce them to the wider classroom

of life.

Senior School

The senior years are the ones that truly

shape the character of a man. The

experiences we offer all our young men

are diverse and go well beyond the

normal educational curriculum.

Our Senior School curriculum for years

10-12 set the highest standards, and

we offer a diverse range of subjects and

courses that help develop the individual

and his scholastic directions.

We offer the South Australian Certificate

of Education (SACE), the International

Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) and

Vocational Education and Training

(VET) balanced through leadership

development, community service,

music and sporting programs.

Our dedicated Careers Counsellor

works with the boys and their parents

to maximise all future opportunities

beyond PAC.