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the horizon

I am proud to be Headmaster of Prince Alfred College, a school with fine traditions and

heritage, high quality programs and an exciting future.

We recognise that we are educating our students for a changing, and increasingly

globalised, world, in which the skills and values that they learn during their school years

will be as important as the knowledge they have acquired.

Above all else, Prince Alfred College is a school for boys, dedicated to enabling them to

achieve their best in all fields. Given the increasing evidence that boys have unique

educational needs, we believe that we are well-placed to assist them on their journey.

We have a strong sense of who we are and also of our objectives in the education of the

young men in our care. We aim to develop the Princes Man, a well-educated individual

who will pursue his pathway in life with confidence and compassion.

Our message for our students is

‘Work hard; be kind’

. We expect our students to commit

themselves fully to what they do in all areas and to exercise compassion and care in their

relations with others.

Our school motto is

‘Fac fortia et patere’

, which translates as ‘Do brave deeds and endure’.

We want our students to show courage in the decisions they make, and in their approach

to life generally. But we also want them to understand that they will only achieve their

potential through persistence and perseverance.

Bradley Fenner,