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Application for Admission - New Application

Applications for enrolment to Prince Alfred College must be submitted via this online enrolment form or via the hard copy application form found here: www.pac.edu.au/Application and returned to the College with an application fee of $100 and a copy of your son's Birth Certificate. Your son’s name will then be placed on the waitlist in order of receipt. When the number of students seeking enrolment exceeds the number of places available, consideration will be given to priority status; such as sons of Old Scholars. Evidence of permanent residency must be provided by those not born in Australia, otherwise the enrolment will be processed as an International enrolment.

On 1st March each year an offer for place at the College is made for a place 2 years in advance (dependent upon vacancies). For example if applying for 2016 then an offer of place in the relevant year level will be made on March 1 2014."

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Please enter your email address to recieve an email containing a link to continue with this enrolment form at a later stage. This email address will be used to verify your identity during the application process.

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If you already have a child studing at Prince Alfred College and have a parent login, please login now. This will automatically populate the application form with existing data where ever possible and save you typing.


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International Students
International enrolments follow a similar process to that for domestic students. A copy of a passport along with results from a standard Language Testing Program such as AEAS ahould be included with the application. Documentation of previous school performance and reports should also accompany the application which will be assessed by the Headmaster.

Contact Details
Admissions Registrar

Prince Alfred College
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Kent Town, Adelaide, South Australia 5071

t: +61 (0)8 8334 1293
f: +61 (0)8 8363 0702
e: admissions@pac.edu.au
w: www.pac.edu.au

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